A quiz about Kevin

I stumbled across this game on a friends blog and thought it looked fun. I copied all their questions and answered them the way I think KEVIN will answer. Then hopefully later today, Kevin will put in his answers and we’ll see how close they were. Here we go…

-How do you feel about Country Music?
Kaylene being Kevin: It’s OK, but I like all music, and listen to whatever I like at any given moment, I usually get my country fill when Kaylene picks the music.

Kevin: This is right on the money.

-How many curlers does your wife wear in her hair at night?
Kaylene: She’s a pony tail girl, I can only rarely get her to let her hair down.

Kevin: She’s never worn curlers to bed (Thanks)!!!

-What is the last book you read or are reading?
Kaylene: A book for my web development class.

Kevin: CIW Site Design (Mentioned above) and New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (Just started reading the Twilight series.

-What 3 movies would you take to a Desert Island (this is of course assuming that you could watch them there)?
Kaylene: LOTR series

Kevin:  Hmmm, I like Kaylene’s answer,

If I had to choose 3 individual movies: Usual Suspects, Princess Bride, Last of the Mohicans

IF I wanted to extend my movie watching, I’d get LOTR (treat the series as one long movie), All Star Wars movies (including the ewoks movies),  and the Aliens/Predator Movies.

You probably can’t tell, but I’m a huge epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy dork.

-What 3 TV shows on disc would you take to a Desert Island?
Kaylene: Burn Notice, Chuck, and Dead Zone

Kevin:  OOH so many good ones to choose from…..   Some of my top choices would be: Burn Notice, Chuck, Pretender, Dead Zone, Dead Like Me, Futurama, Firefly w/Serenity, Heroes, X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Trek Deep Space 9, Earth 2, and Dexter.

Since I have to choose 3: Futurama (Must be at the top), X-Files or Star Trek DS( (Yeah I kinda Cheated), and Pretender

-Does this quiz stink?
Kaylene: Kinda, but I love my wife so I’ll do it anyways. :)

Kevin: I like it since I get to see what my wife guessed first.

-Name your 3 Favorite Fruits:
Kaylene: Most fruit gives me health issues, but I like grilled pineapple, Tomatoes in a good Pico de Gallo, and mandarin oranges chopped up and added to spaghetti sauce, try it, it’s good!

Kevin: Grilled Pinapple (Awesome), Mandarin Oranges (Only in Spaghetti, and YES it is very good), and Mangos.

-What is in the Back Seat of your car right now?
Kaylene: Car seats, I share a car with my wife, so my commuter is also our family car.

Kevin: YUP

-When was the last time you threw up?
Kaylene: Last night, I have a cold, and coughing sometimes makes me gag…

Kevin: Um, That’s what she said.

-What is your favorite curse word?
Kaylene: I’m really good about keeping my language clean, my wife’s the one who has the problem with that, but it would be D****t.

Kevin: um, yeah I think that’s right

-Name one thing you are really good at:
Kaylene: Trivial information. I’m known as an information spout on many issues, and even had a nic-name as the “dictionary” at my last job, or picking up and remembering information, I still have to study, but once it’s in this head it tends to stay put for a good long time.

Kevin: Trivial information is a good one, Ill go with that cause I don’t want to explain my “king of the Throne” Title!!!

-Name one thing you are really bad at:
Kaylene: Finding my stuff, I loose my keys, wallet, jacket, cell, or my shoes at least once a week, and my wife tends to know exactly where they’re at, it’s a good thing I have her.

Kevin: Yeah, like she never loses anything!  In truth, she’s right, I just wish she would stop giving me a hard time about it.  Oh, and don’t blame me if you lose something, It’s not my fault.  Kaylene can tell you where it was though.

-What 3 books would you take to a desert island?
Kaylene: 1~ Elements of Style, 2~ anything by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Preferably something I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, and 3~ Anything by Stephen King, unless the new Dresden Files book has come out, then that one.

Kevin: Newest Dresden Files Book by jim Butcher (Turn Coat-Released in April), Stephen King’s “On Writing” (I believe that this is what Kaylene meant when she said Elements of Style-Another Good Book), and Cemetary Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

So she got is spot on.

-Name your 3 favorite drinks:
Pepsi, by far and large, Sobe, and V8 Fruit blends.

Kevin: Pepsi/RC Cola (It’s a Saudi thing), Guarana, Arizona Brand Drinks (usually Mango)

-Name your 3 Favorite Vegetables:
Kaylene: Same health issues as with fruit but, grilled Asparagus, grilled green peppers, and grilled onions.

Kevin: Yup but switch grilled onions for cabbage

-What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Kaylene: Can’t have chocolate anymore, thanks Crohns, but I love anything nutty and creamy.

Kevin: Pistachio, Mint Chocolate, Ice Cream With cherries, Praline Pecan, yeah, she had a real good guess.

-What was the last thing you ate?
Kaylene: I’ve been fasting on liquids for much of the last two weeks because of my Crohns, but I had a corn bread muffin lastnight.

Kevin: Since I wrote this later, my last meal was Stroganoff with Bran Muffins.  Yummy, Thanks Mom!!

-What is the last sporting event you watched?
Kaylene: I don’t really watch sports anymore, Sorry Dad and Sam, but maybe it was 2007 or 2008′s Superbowl? I don’t really remember. Maybe I’ll get into the Utah vs. BYU football thing now that I’m back in Utah, and can keep up with the banter between Dad and Sam. I’m a ‘rather play than watch’ kind of guy, or I’d love to watch my Brother Sam play football live.

Kevin: A WWF clip my wife clicked on last night from 99 with Steve Austin, Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson, and Mr. Vince McMahon.  Yes I do enjoy the male soap opera that is WWF (Now WWE – Props to the World Wildlife Federation)

-Are you free on Saturday night?
Kaylene: I think so, but I need to check with my wife, I’m pretty sure I’m free after I go to the movies with my work buddies that afternoon.

Kevin: I have to ask my wife.  <Whip snapping sound in background>

-What is your first thought when you hear “Australia”?
Kaylene: My Army buddy David who’s from Australia. Boris!

Kevin: BORIS!!!

-How many states have you been to?
Kaylene: Just about all of them, accept Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. (OK, I have NO idea, I just know he traveled a LOT as a kid).

Kevin: 32 States, Don’t feel like listing them.

-What is the biggest annoyance in your life right now (besides this quiz)?
Kaylene: Not being able to just go out and buy my wife her own car, and waiting to be a full employee (as opposed to contractor, who’s not as stable to the Bank) so we can go get our own place, but then it will be the “Joys” of home ownership, I’m not looking forward to some of that one.

Kevin: Biggest annoyance…. That’s a big question, So I am just going to follow my one word thought chain, and it comes out like this..

—- Move, drive, job, work, succeed, survive, crohns, insurance, medicine, death, taxes, bills, move, debt, rent, home, move, van, money, debt, time, sons, father, husband, romance, chance, change, rolemodel, decisions, morals, choices, move.  —-Just move, cause if you stop, you may not start, and hopefully there isn’t somethings left undone which is my undoing.  Weight on my shoulders.  <smile><shrug><move on>

Check back to see Kevin’s answers…if you want to. There’s no pressure here. Hehe, I can’t wait to see how he responds! This was more telling than I thought it would be, so I guess you may get some insight into where we’re at the moment.

Thanks Kaylene, this was enlightening.

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