Chocolate Banana Bread

OK, so I tried something new today, I don’t LOVE the results, I’d give it a 4/5 rating if was a recipe I found online.  I added cocoa powder to a recipe I already had, it was a different recipe than the one I’d used last time, but by reading the ingredients, I thought this one might be better.

Here Goes!

Chocolate Banana Bread

Preheat oven to 350 and grease 1 9X5 loaf pan or two small loaf pans

1/2 cup butter (one stick)
1 cup sugar

cream together, then turn mixer to slow

2 eggs
1 1/2 cup mashed banana (I just chunk up 2 ripe bananas and drop them into the mixer)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix until banana’s aren’t in huge chunks, but not too much so that you don’t start to whip up the eggs.

In another bowl mix~

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
a pinch of ground clove
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
4 Tbsp. Ghirardelli Ground Chocolate (if using another brand of baking cocoa, you’d probably cut this in half, this kind is cut with a bit of sugar, I was not thrilled when I opened the can to see those sugar sparkles, I thought I was getting pure cocoa, I guess I learned my lesson…)

Turn the mixer back on at the stir setting (lowest gear)

Scoop about 3/4 cup dry mix at a time into the batter, I usually just use a heaping 1/2 cup measuring scoop.

Scrape the bowl and mix a tiny more, just until everything is incorporated.  If you were going to add mini chocolate chips or nuts now’s the time.

Using a rubber spatula pour into loaf pan.

Bake about an hour, checking at 50 minutes, bake until toothpick clean.

Remove immediately to wire rack if you like a crunchy crust, if not allow to cool in the pan.

NEXT time I make banana bread I’m just going to go with the other recipe I like, it’s on labeled “Best Ever Banana Bread.”  I’ll link it for ya, but it seems every time I try to link there the links break…

Here’s a little pic of my treat tonight!

And one more.

Why yes, that’s a pretty iridescent counter!  Thanks for noticing! We got it for a steal at the local granite shop when I couldn’t cope anymore with our old bar.  Someday we might even get to the rest of the counters in there, oh and a new sink…  And maybe even new cabinets.  That’s FAR FAR future.  After we tackle my bathroom, and maybe the boys bathroom too…  Ahh, dreaming…  I am very blessed, and I do love the style of my kitchen, I just wish you couldn’t see my sink from the front door.

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One Response to Chocolate Banana Bread

  1. The link works. Thanks for sharing, this looks yummy. Is that honey drizzled over it? I thought it was interesting that you said not to whip the eggs. I’ll have to give that a try, but your link to the other banana bread made with buttermilk looks good, too.

    And the granite looks gorgeous. I love the blue flecks in it. You’ll have to post a picture of it – or I’ll have to stop by and look, right?

    I do hear you on the sink from the front door. It always bothered me in my own home – probably because the sink was always full of dishes. But after doing dishes in the bathroom sink for three years, I kind of broke my habit of doing that (except for that occasional pan that really just has to soak). But it never bothers me in anyone else’s home, even if it is being used to hold dirty dishes (funny, but isn’t that what a sink is supposed to do?????).

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