“Doing” Update

Well the month is up, I definitely slowed down on progress, but I’m still moving.

make Thai Sweet Chili sauce DONE!  It’s amazing!
Try a new pizza dough recipe Done, didn’t really love it though still looking…

Redoing and cleaning up family job chart  In the middle of it now.
process almost 30 pounds of winter squash and pressure can or freeze I did some of it.

I’ve done a few other things, but since I wasn’t recording things I cant say off the top of my head.  Halloween was awfully busy, and I had a lot of sewing problems.  I guess getting better at sewing should go on the list.

Yet to do-
write list of easy family approved meal ideas and hang it in a protective sleeve inside a cupboard door
write a list of easy Mom approved after school snacks for the boys and put it up for them
find and try MANY new great potato recipes (I have nearly 50 pounds!)
Go through entire kitchen and set aside things for donation, as well as organize things
Go through Workshop and do the same
Go through craft area and do the same
Build craft desk
get all laundry done at once
go through kids clothes and save/donate/toss what’s not in good shape or doesn’t fit or won’t fit anyone.
start a Christmas project or two for my babies

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2 Responses to “Doing” Update

  1. The thing I always seem to forget when I set goals is simply the time it takes to LIVE. Which is considerable. If we didn’t have to work, clean, feed, wash, talk, take care of, rest, ….. just think of what we could do? But the bottom line is the things I set goals on always seem to be extra and beyond the living things, because those are going to get done anyway. And for that, I really only have maybe 30 min. a day up to an hour on some days I can squeeze out of the other … and I have no children at home. (Of course, grown children are very much a part of my life still, with their wonderful spouses and awesome grandchildren … and so instead of six I now have 22 – no it does not slow down.) Sometimes it can get overwhelming. But that’s when it’s time to sit down, look at the lists and throw away the things that really aren’t necessary.

    I am a goal setter – I love seeing how others are accomplishing their goals, and love seeing how things are going with yours. The one goal – getting laundry all done at once? – yeah, I don’t think that has ever happened, not even once in this home. I have very similar goals of organizing, donating, throwing away. The home has become over burdened with “stuff” – guess that’s why we use the term “stuff” – it stuffs the house with stuff. Everything I get rid of seems to lift a little of the load I’m carrying, so why is it so hard to part with it. Most of it is really just junk for me. Much of it would be garbage for anyone else. You motivate me to move forward with my doing.

    By the way, if you find a great pizza crust recipe, please let me know. I, too, have yet to locate one, though this one from the Deseret News ages ago does hold promise (my husband just doesn’t care for pizza so I never really try it homemade much):

    6 1/4 C FLOUR 2 C WATER
    1½ tsp SALT 1/4 C OLIVE or VEGETABLE OIL
    1 pkg. DRY YEAST

    Combine 2 C flour, salt and yeast. In saucepan heat water and olive oil to 125 to 130°F. Add to dry ingredients; beat 2 min. with electric mixer at medium speed. Beat 2 min. at high speed. Stir in remaining flour to make dough. Knead on lightly floured surface until smooth and elastic (4 to 6 min.) Cover. Let rest 20 min. Divide in half; shape and bake half according to selected recipe. Freeze remaining half.

    (To freeze pizza dough, wrap airtight in double thickness of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Freeze up to 2 months.)

    Let me know what you think of it.
    Have a great day and good luck with all your “doing!”

  2. (Ouch, when I entered the recipe, there really were two columns. If you can’t figure it out, let me know. Guess I need to learn how to do a column in html)

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