Cute, right?!

Let me tell ya a little story.  I LOVE having all boys.  I love a lot, a lot, of things about it.  Even thought at times I’ve been vocal about wanting a daughter, I wouldn’t exchange any of my boisterous boys for anything.  Ever.  I’ve got that fierce kind of Mama love going.  We’re very blessed to have the exact sons we have.

However (which doesn’t negate my fierce protection of their feelings in any way) sometimes I just wish there was a little femininity in my world.  Someone to play make-up, enjoy frilly stuff, go window shopping with for hours, to teach about cooking (OK, my boys will be good cooks), and maybe enjoy pretty things that I like.  Someone to look forward to passing things to and helping her plan her life.  I’ve come to grips that this will never happen.  That’s OK.  I have friends, I have other women and girls in my family, and I hope that if I teach my boys, and show them the right kind of girl to look for (kind, helpful, strong minded ;), cheerful, spiritually, and emotionally grounded, etc.) that my boys will pick wives that I can grow great relationships with.  Oh boy, I just got way off track.

So one of these feminine things I want?  Nice dinners every once in a while.  You know, with real cloth napkins and matching stuff, and maybe even a serving dish or two on the table instead of serving up at the stove, or bringing the pots and pans to the table…  I don’t need any more linens, and we actually use our wedding china a couple times a week.  It was super inexpensive, and I just decided that we should go for it instead of it taking up space and gathering dust, and so we do.  I’m not going to go overboard with finding stuff, cause frankly the budget is tight right now, but I do have a short list of *wants* that I’m keeping my eye out for.  One is a water pitcher, that is not made of plastic…  I think I’ll hold off for a while for that one though, sweet energetic boys and all.  I’d also like some nice glasses, but the last two sets are pretty much gone in the last few years and I’m tired of playing “find ALL of the shards,” again, it’ll just have to wait until everyone is really good at doing the dishes.  We do have two dollar store crystal goblets, and three matching mugs that we do use.  Another wishlist item is a gravy boat.  I had spent some time browsing Amazon, but nothing really stood out and was in the price range I was willing to go with.

Then comes Tuesday.  The day was my first day alone in more than two weeks, and I knew it would be my only chance for a while again to just spend time alone.  Hubby needed socks, and I’m researching for a new vacuum soon, so Target it was.  I can never resist the dollar section, and what caught my eye?  These cute little soup mugs, I was thinking I’d get one or two for my lunches.  I crouched down to look, and realized my cupboards can’t really handle anything that shape right now, but next to it was a smooth round orange gravy boat.  Ahh!  A gravy boat.  And $3!!  BUT it’s not a color I like at all, and would be very seasonal. :/  There were brown ones too, but it wouldn’t go with anything I own.  Then I saw it’s little yellow buddy, the yellow one was a bit dark for my normal taste in yellow, but it had a beautiful basket weave pattern.  I really wanted white.  But wait!  Behind it was a white one.  Yippee!

I put it and it’s matching platter into my cart and walked away.  I made it all the way back to socks and then it hit me.  Maybe I wanted the yellow one too after all, but could I really use two?  Did I really want two?  They were so cute together.  I’m so glad for technology.  I texted my friend Kristi, and she said at $3 she’d get it, and if I don’t use it in a year, just donate it.  Good advice!  So I went back and got it.  I know that I’ll use these platters until they’re done, gravy boat or not.  I was so happy with my little finds that I even had a little photo shoot on the pastel blue kiddy table, that only Joey sort of fits with anymore.  I’ll post about that table another day, I don’t think it will ever leave until it’s death. :)

_MG_7786 _MG_7794 _MG_7800 _MG_7805 _MG_7808 _MG_7810 _MG_7811

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2 Responses to Cute, right?!

  1. Oh, Kaylene,
    I’ve so been where you are. After my fourth son was born and we went seven years before I finally was pregnant again, I knew God would never send me a daughter just because I wanted one so badly. I went overboard with pink when the doctor announced a girl (yes, I’m that old – long before the days of ultrasounds), and I do treasure her and her sister that came another seven years later. However, I have to say, those sons are always and forever my little heroes, too, and now their wives – wow, we have fun with all those grown up wonderful people who are part of my family.

    There I go again – this isn’t about me. It’s about you and the darling finds that are so so perfect. You are a wise shopper. Have fun with them, and keep doing all the frilly cute feminine things. That’s probably more important now than ever because how else are your sons going to know that it’s ok for a woman to be a frilly, cutesy, fun woman?

  2. Kaylene says:

    Julie, thanks for your heart felt response. I love that you shared!

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