Bountiful Basket 11/9/2013

Here’s our Bountiful Basket today!  I covered all you might ever want to know in my last BB haul.

Conventional Basket $15, plus $2.50 handling fee
2 bundles spinach
1 head romaine
3 zucchini
8 oz. box of mushrooms
1 bundle of asparagus (barely visible behind the bananas)
2 tomatoes
1 small watermelon
9-10 bananas
10 apples
11 mandarins

Roots Pack $8.50
1 large yam
1 beet
5 russet potatoes
5 red potatoes (whoever packed my basket must have known we’re a family of 5)
1 yellow onion
1 bundle of green onions
1 lb. bag carrots
6 oz. bag radishes

_MG_8104Hope you enjoyed!

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