Halloween Review

It’s only a week late!  Our Halloween was nice, I spent the weekend before absolutely sick with a cold, on Monday I was OK, Tuesday I was better, and by Wednesday I was almost myself.  The world waits for no Mom.

Wednesday night we pulled out the costume trunk, my costume make-up, and FINALLY decided upon what to dress as.  Joey picked a dinosaur shirt and tail, Aiden an alien robe, and Michael a black cloak.

The next morning I scrambled to put the make-up on the way they desired.  After a quick search on Pinterest Joey and I picked a big toothy dinosaur grin.  Easy enough.  I had one last, nice, smooth, long lasting, black eyeliner.  I started with Joey and by the last line or two it needed sharpening and was a little pokey.  I finished his make-up and set the pencil on my bed while I pulled out my make-up to find a sharpener.  I heard something hit the way and fall behind my dresser…  It was my pencil!  Even thought I’d told Joey we were done he decided he wouldn’t give me a chance to scratch anymore with that evil pencil.  *facepalm* Grrr!

I quickly pulled out my next best black eyeliner for Aiden, a Wet n’ Wild eyeliner.  Anyone who knows much about make-up knows wet n’ wild is good, but it’s hard and waxy.  So I got Aiden situated, he told me he wanted big Alien eyes.  I started drawing on these eyes, and the pencil was just terrible…  I grabbed a lighter for the old “warm the pencil” trick, and Aiden freaked, he was sure I was going to put an either on fire, or scorching pencil on his face.  Of course, if you’ve ever tried this trick, you know, it takes very little heat to melt the pencil enough to use, but not enough to burn.  If it’s hot enough to burn you, it doesn’t look like anything you’d want near your face!!    I finally got him calmed down enough, started to draw again and it looked awful.  I grabbed an eyeshadow pallet and brushed on a fine layer of charcoal colored eye shadow to try and fill it in.

By this time it was almost time to go and I hadn’t even touched Michael yet.  He just wanted to look spooky, “like maybe a dark ghost.”  OK.  ?  I made his face super pale, and then we added dark circles around his eyes.  He was happy, and it was time to go.

The rest of Thursday was a mad house.  The entire day.  It was so fun.  In the morning the school hosts a Halloween parade for all the kiddies to show off their costumes.  This is the only Halloween parade that will feature all of my kiddos.  Fun!  I snapped a couple pics.


I ran to the store to grab a couple of things for dinner and bought fabric for the Halloween bags (30% off yay!).  I got home just long enough to get some lunch, quickly half sew some trick or treat bags (they never got lined or hemmed, which didn’t bug the kids, but it sure bothered me!), and then head off to work dressed as a witch (sorry, I didn’t get a picture).  I was able to get off work a few minutes early and see the last few minutes of Michael’s Class Halloween Party, I was going to help with the party, but then got my job, I love it, but was a little sad about missing the party.  The other room Mom pulled off a great party!

It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day!

_MG_7885 - Version 2
_MG_7878 - Version 2
_MG_7886 - Version 2 (1)

After school we took off straight for Dad’s work party.  Candy Candy Candy!!  It was fun seeing Uncle Rye there.  The boys each entered art into the competition and all received second and third prizes in their categories.

Daddy, dressed as a crew member from Star Trek, helping Joey with his bag._MG_7893Aiden the Alien while waiting for our turn.
_MG_7891Michael picking his prize for 3rd place.
_MG_7907Picking out a prize.
_MG_7894This is what I get when I say “Everyone look at me and smile!”  Thanks guys.  Haha.  To be fair, I was distracting them from the real fun.

Afterwards we rushed back home to our cities main street trick or treating.  I love this because it’s a safe place to walk, with police officers acting as crossing guards for most areas we’d need to cross the street, we got to visit many stores we didn’t even know where there, and see and talk to some of our local city candidates.  It was all well lit and clean.  Nothing too spooky, though there were some good little scares. :)

We went home and Kevin helped Joey with his homework, counting his candy.  We hurried and made our homemade pizzas on the bakery fresh crusts I’d bought from Kohlers, and while they were baking, Kevin took the kids to the usual dozen or so local homes.  They got home, and we ate, giggled for a little bit and went to bed.  All of us thoroughly exhausted but happy.

My sinuses were acting up a bit, but I thought I’d feel better in the morning, boy was I wrong.  The next morning I had a sinus triggered migraine.  Not fun.  I craved carbs, but not sugar, but by the time I got something made I was too queasy to eat anything.  I took a long hot shower which helped immensely, and when I got out I got a phone call asking if I could come into work early.  I was trilled to, I was doing just fine by then even thought I was very drained from the pain.  I did my job and came home and crashed.  I kept thinking I was doing much better, but I never really was.

By Monday I had no voice and a roaring painful throat, I couldn’t walk without feeling faint and was starting a horrible barking cough.  I messaged Kevin asking him to call my doctor for an appointment and he got me one for Tuesday morning.  I went in and was given a Z-pack.  I’m not thrilled about antibiotics, but that thing is amazing!  Unfortunately I couldn’t go to work Tuesday or Wednesday, but I get to go back today!  I’m very excited!  Here’s hoping Kevin shakes his milder cold, and that everyone else stays relatively healthy.

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